Resource, Category and Location

Screenshot of the tab Resource


Here you add the resources that can be booked, which category it belongs to and on what location you find the resources. These three tabs are all setup in the same way:


Here you set the different resources that can be booked. The licens plates of the cars or the name of the conference room for example.


Here you set if you are able to book several different resources in the same booking. In the booking you are able to present the categories one by one.


Here you set the location of the resource. If you have offices in different cities a corporate car is tied to a certain city, a conference room is situated in a specific building for example.

To add resources that can be booked you click the plus icon and a window will open where you describe the resource:

Screenshot of "Add new resource"



Here you set the name of the resource which should be unique, since if the company decides to buy more resources of the same type they have to be separated in some way.


Here you set the description of the resource (optional), it is good to know how many seats there are in a conference room for example. This is shown when you click on the name of the resource in on-line mode. Then you get a window with the description (and an image if that is provided).


Here you upload an image of the resource. It can be an advantage to know how the conference room looks like before you book it.
OBSERVE! Add the image after you have created the resource! That means enter Name, Description, Category and Locality and click OK first. After that, double click the resource and add the image.


Here you find the categories you have set in the tab "Category", this assumes that you have added the categories already. This is why you should start to add categories and locations before you add the resources.


Here you find the categories you have set up in the tab "Location".

Apart from adding resources, categories or locations you remove them with the minus icon and change the order with the arrows. You can also view the settings for the resources which is the same information that can be found in the other tabs.

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