Step 1

Create metadata definitions on the image folder


To to the image archive. (Click the upper right corner on the navigator)
Menu containing image archive


Highlight the desired folder to use in the Image explorer. Select Properties on the folder.


Select the tab Metadata and click the button "Add metadata".
Metadata on the image folder


Choose a metadata of the type Multiple selection. Beneathe the tab General you add the following:
multipleselection and the tab general
  • Description: Here you add the name used in searches in the image explorer e.g. category.
  • Name: Here you add a meta name e.g. imagecategory
  • Scheme: Describes according to which scheme the tag should be written with. The field is left empty.


Beneath the tab Alternative you add the different alternatives you can choose between in the multiple selection e.g. People:
window add new alternative
In order to add an alternative you click the plus sign. A new window will open where you add an alternative.


Beneath the tab Search you check both alternatives:
search engine options


Beneath the tab Advanced you check the following:
tab advanced for multiple selection metadata
  • Force new values on each page (inheritance blocked): If this setting is chosen the user will not be able to inherit values from pages above. This setting should be used if the user must add a value for a field and can not be fetched from another page.


Click OK. Done!

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