Screenshot of the portlet Image archive

Image root folder

Select the root folder from where to get the images for the Image explorer. Click on Browse... and select an existing folder in the image archive.

Image sizes

Here you can define different image sizes. There are two predefined sizes from the start:
  • Original resolution displays the original size
  • Web resolution displays the images with a maximum size of 800*600px.

By clicking the button Properties you can see the different settings of the image sizes.

If you want to define your own image sizes, remove the two predefined sizes and create new sizes. To remove an image size, highlight the current object and click the minus button.

By using the plus button you can add new image sizes.

OBSERVE! If you do not select a folder the entire image archive will be shown.
Screenshot of settings for New filter

New filter (image size)

Name of filter

The name displayed in "Settings for Image explorer" under Image sizes.


Here you can add a description to clarify what the filter name stands for.


Max width & height

If you want to set a maximum width or height for the images.


Keep aspect ratio

If you check this the original relation between width and height will be kept.

Keep original size

If you check this box the original size will be kept no matter what sizes you have set above.
Tip! If you want to add an image size where the images should be maximum 400 px wide, enter Max width, Max height and Keep aspect ratio if you want the image to keep its proportions.

Add watermark to image:

If you check this alternative you can browse to a transparent image to be used on top of the rescaled image as a watermark.

Category browse feature

If you want a list where you can browse between the different categories, check "Show category browse feature" and select the metadata definition you have defined for categories.
Screenshot of selectiing Category browse feature
If you select Fruit/Flowers you can see all images in the selected folder marked with metadata Category: Fruit/Flowers
Screenshot of selection of Category
If you click one of the miniatures a detailed description will be shown where you can see more information about the image. You can also download the image in the defined resolutions. You can either download the image at once or  select "Add to cart" to download all images you are interested in at the same time (as a zip-file).
Screenshot of Image information


If you do not want the category browse feature and do not check the alternative you will only see a Search. You can search for metadata as category, file name or other metadata connected to the image.
Screenshot of when not using category browsing

Show image descriptions

If you want to show image descriptions below the images you check this alternative and select the metadata created in the same way as the metadata for categories.
Screenshot of selecting Image description
The result will be that an image description is shown beneath the images where there is an image description:
Screenshot of two images with descriptions

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