Image size

settings for image explorer

Image sizes

Beneath Images sizes you can set different sizes for the image. There are two predefined sizes:
  • Original resolution will display the images in the original size
  • Web friendly will display the images with max size 800*600px.

With the button Properties you can see the settings for the different image sizes.

If you would like to make custom settings for the images, remove the predefined image sizes and create new ones. In order to remove, highlight the desired object and click the minus sign.

Add new image sizes by clicking the plus sign.

Settings for new filter

Filter settings

Neme of filter

The name shown in "Settings for Image explorer" beneath Image sizes.


Here you can add a description for the filter.

Max width & height

If you would like to add a max width or height for the images.

Keep aspect ratio

Check this box to keep height-width regardless.

Keep original size

Check this box to keep the original size regardless of size stated above.
If you would like to add an additional image size where the images are maximum  400 pixels wide you fill in Max width, Max height and aspect-ratio, if you would like the image proportional.

Add watermark to image

Check this alternative and select a transparent image which will be placed above the scaled image as a water mark.

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