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General information of the survey

Name of the survey

Name of the survey


Name of the person/organisation responsible of the survey.

Administrator e-mail address

E-mail address to the person/organisation responsible of the survey. If the survey is closed this address can be used for participants to get in contact with the management. The address will also be used as sender of invitations and reminders to the participants. To make this work it is very important that this address is valid.

Limit time period...

Settings to make answering the survey possible only during a limited period of time. In the example above the investigation takes place in August.

Type of survey

Public survey...

Makes the survey open for all visitors of the web site, which means no log in is required to participate in the investigation.

Closed survey...

The survey is closed, only invited participants will be able to answer the questions. The administration of participants is made in view mode under the tab Participant.

Administrator can see who wrote each reply

The administrator of the survey will, if this alternative is checked, be able to see each participant's answers. This means that the participants cannot be anonymous. If this checkbox is not ticked, the investigation will be totally anonymous, which means that the management cannot see who has answered the question, or even if they have answered at all.

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