Here you can write messages to the participants, to get before and after completing the survey.
Screenshot of the tab Messages

Message when answered

Show message when form has been completed

You can choose to display a message when a participant has answered all questions. Together with the message a button leading back to the log in page will be displayed.

Redirect user to other page after answering

You can choose to redirect the participant to a page selected here when all the questions of the survey have been answered , e.g a page with more information about the subject of the survey.

Welcome message

Show a welcome message after login

Fif you check this alternative a welcome message will be displayed under Answer, before the participants begin to enter their answers.


Show message if mandatory fields exists (without values)

By standard an error message will be displayed next to a mandatory field without values. By checking this alternative there will also be an error message at the top of the survey.

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