Closed survey

When a participant has been added and has received an invitation with a user name and a password, the participant can start answering the survey. To get to the survey the participant has to fill in his user name and password and click on "Login". You can either log in with your e-mail address or with your user name.
Screenshot of the tab Answer

Forgot password

If the participant has forgotten his password he can click on the link "Forgot password". A new window will open where he can enter his e-mail address and he will receive his password by e-mail:
Screenshot of Forgot password in a Survey

Contact the administrator

If the participant has any questions about the survey, he can contact the management by clicking the link "Contact the administrator". The participant´s e-mail program will open and the address to the administrator will automatically be filled in.

Open survey

If you have an open survey, the participants can start their answering at once.

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