Under Participant you can see the participants of the survey and their current status.
Screenshot of the tab Participants


Here you can decide if you want to see all participants, those who have not answered, those who are reminded and still not have answered or those where there is some kind of problem (e.g. wrong e-mail address).

Number of

Here you select how many participants to list per page.


Here you see different symbols depending on whether you have answered the survey or not, if you have been invited/reminded or if there is a problem.
No icon, new participant, still not invited
Screenshot of the icon for invited
Invited, but has not answered the survey
Screenshot of the icon for reminded
Reminded, but has not answered the survey
Screenshot of the icon for answered
Has answered the survey
Screenshot of the icon for registered problem
Registered problem, e.g. wrong e-mail address

Participant information

If you click on the icon of a person to the right you can see the following window:
Screenshot of Participant example
Here you can see user names and passwords, and when the invitation or reminder has been sent. You can also edit and remove participants. You can click on the icons to the right and they mean as follows:
Screenshot of the icon for edit participant
Edit participant - Here you can change name, e-mail address and password of the participant.
Screenshot of the icon for delete participant
Delete participant - Here you can remove the participant
Screenshot of the icon for show answers
Show answers - Here you can see the participants´s answers if the settings allow the administrator to see each person´s answers.

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