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Create image link

By selecting this option the image becomes clickable. If you click "Create link" the common link selection dialog will open and you can decide where the image should link to.

Switch the image for mouse-over effect

This is used when you want to create a mouse-over effect. Select an image in the image archive that is to be shown when the mouse pointer is over the image. Bare in mind that the images should be equally large in pixel size so it will not harm the layout of the page.

Stretch image to available area

This is used when working with absolute positioned pages and will change the size of the image when the size of the portlet is changed. This function will not change the size of the image in bytes, only change it in the page. There is a high risk that the image will look disproportional when using this function, it is better to use "Edit image" that keeps the aspect ratio of the image.
OBSERVE! This box is dim unless you have the rights "Add absolute content".

Image size

Use original image size

This button is checked by default so that the image portlet will display the original size of the image.

Adjust image size automatically

To add a smaller alternative of the image, adjust the size here. The image will be scaled proportionally.

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