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Use images

If you would like to add an image to the directory you check this box. In order for this to function it is required that WebDav is working since the function builds the URL:s with the help of WebDav.

Image attribute

To assure the image is displayed you need to select which image attribute should be associated with the image. If for instance you would like to use the surname (sn) as image attribute you name the image by the surname of the responding person and place all the images in a folder in an image archive.

Image folder

Browse to the preprepared folder with images.

Image extension (jpg/gif/png)

Add the image extension to be used, all images in the folder need to have the same extension.

The result of using images is that the people who have an image in the image archive with the name <surname.jpg> (in this case Skilberg.jpg) will be displayed with an image to the right.

Replacement image

Here you select a default image if desired.

Image size

Use original image size

Presetting so the image portlet will show the orignal image size.

Adjust image size automatically

If you would like smaller versions of the images you can set the max width and height here. The image will scale proportionally.


Filter (AND)

Here you can limit a search by adding another search filter apart from the attributes normally using to search. If wanting to have hits for instance both on surname and the people who has an email address, you can add a filter for email here.
Screenshot of search filter
Thereafter you search as usual in the Directory. All searches are filtered with the expressions located beneath Filter.

If you would like to have hits on e.g. who does not have a subsription you add a filter for subscription here:

Screenshot of example filter
Filter expressions:
! mean NOT
| mean OR
& mean AND
() mean and

Hits per page

If not make a setting all hits will be shown in a list.
If you would like the hits to be displayed on several pages you decide on that here.

Skip list on single search hit

In the case the result should be displayed immediately, instead of a list, when there is only one single search hit check this box.

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