Beneath Advanced you can change most of the appearance of the Directory if you know scripting languages.
Screenshot of the tab advanced
OBSERVE! If you make a mistake or would like to start over again, you can always go back to the default template by clicking Restore to default.


You can only use the attributes defined in the  SiteVision scheduler. The attributes differ between directories. The following attributes follow the guidelines for InetOrgPerson as most directories support. (eDirectory, OpenLDAP etc.)
- cn (username)
- mail
- givenName
- sn (surname)
- title
- description
- telephonenumber
- ou (department)

Search template

By default you can search for given name, surname and department. In the search template you can change to search for other attributes.
Screenshot of the Directory

List template

Here you change the appearance for the list of the search result. By default given name, surname, department, telephone number and email is displayed.
OBSERVE! If you have set sorting on attribute in the directory the directory portlet will sort on that attribute. In order to change the sorting, click the heading.

If not wanting to display e.g. Department since it is empty, you remove it from the list template:

Detail template

In the list of search results you can click a name to get more detailed information. In the detail template you can edit how the detailed information is displayed. By default given name, surname, telephone number, email and title is displayed.
Screenshot of the detail template

Edit template

If it should be possible to edit the attributes in the directory you adjust the view here. By default you can change given name, surname, department, telephone number, email and title.
Screenshot of Edit template
OBSERVE! In order to see link Change you need to have the rights to edit the directory. If not having these rights you will not see the link.

Error template

If you do not get a hit in the directory you will see an error message. The default message is:
Screenshot of error message

Update template

When you make a change in the directory there will be a confirmation page with information about what has been changed. The appearance of the confirmation page can be changed in this template. The default message is:
cn=usg,ou=senselogic_se, o=ibt has been updated.

Print template

Above the list view you can select a printer friendly version of the directory. A printer icon will show. In this template you can edit the appearance of the the printer friendly version.
If you click the print icon, a new window with a printer friendly version will open.

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