Screenshot of the tab Settings
First you have to create an archive, and possibly a template, that the FAQ-list is going to use. Then you select that archive. When you are selecting the archive you can do the settings for metadata on the archive that are necessary.


Here you select the archive where the questions and answers are located. A new window will open where you set the archive.
Screenshot of selection of archive
Right click on the archive and select Properties.

Select the tab Metadata and locate the metadata definition named Article title (created automatically when creating an archive). Click the Properties button for this metadata.

Screenshot of properties
Beneath Name it probably says SV.Title, instead type question.
Screenshot of metadata for an archive
Go to the tab Portlet and fill in the name of the text portlet where you type the question in the template being used. In our example the text portlet is named Question and therefor we fill in Question at Get value from portlet with title:
Screenshot of the tab Portlet
Click OK three times.


Use image for question

Here you select an image to display in front of the question. This is done by clicking the browse button.
Observe! If not selecting an image you will get a dot in front of the question.


Answer link text

Here you type the link text. This text will be the link to the answer to the question. In the example Answer is used.

Introductory link description

An introductory link description to clarify the destination of the link. A link description always fetch the name of the question as title but here you can choose if there should say anything before the name of the question.
A tip for accessibility! In order to increase accessibility links should be clear. Do not have several links with the same phrase leading to different destinations. A common example of this is: "Read more." If using this link text you should use a title-text as clarification.

Use image before answer link

Here you select an image to display before the link to the answer. This is done by clicking the Browse button.

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