Quote is located beneath the menu alternative Options.


Here you can add to the code that a part of the text is a quote. It is also possible to link a reference to the quote, it will be written in the HTML code.

Create quote

Highlight a word or a paragraph and select this alternative. Quick key CTRL+SHIFT+Q. A quote marked with a dotted line above and below will be shown in editing mode in the text portlet.
Screenshot of a quote
On the web page the quote will look like the following:
Screenshot of quote in view mode

Create quote with reference

It is also possible to add a reference for the quote shown in the HTML-code. Highlight the word and select this alternative. A new window will open where you can create a link.

Remove quote

Highlight the quote and select this alternative in order to remove the quote.
Observe! Internet Explorer does not support the quote tag.

Mark the entire text portlet as block quote

Block quote can be used when you would like to cite a longer text. The entire text portlet will be market as a block quote. If you do not wish to mark the entire text in the portlet you can first split the portlet. Choose Alternative -> Mark the entire text portlet as block quote.
Block quote example
The text till have the same appearance with the block quote (the text will not be italic or have "") but gives an indentation from the left margin to increase readability.

Remove block quote

Choose Alternative -> Mark the entire text portlet once more.
Screen shot of the block quote
A tip for accessibility! You can mark quotes in the code in order to increase accessibility.

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