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Show form fields

Here you can decide on which form fields should be visible for the administrators beneath the tab "Answer". All fields are displayed when viewing a particluar participant but here you select which fields should be shown in the first view.

A field will always be shown regardless if chosen when it is Id.Created and Created by but can be turned off with the check boxes below.

List with answers
If you click the plus sign all questions in the form will show. Select the values that should be displayed.
View of answers to form questions
OBSERVE! The heading will become empty if you have used Question and not Name when filling out the question.
In order to remove a visible field in the list, select the desired one and click the minus sign.

Show date when order was placed

The box should be checked if you would like to see the date when the order was placed.

Show user who sent order

Here you select if Created by should be displayed in the overview of the answers. This only applies to logged in users. If it is an open form that does not require logging in, this field will be empty.

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