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Limit the number of answers/participants

Here you can limit the number of answers. By default this is set to 10 answers. Check this box if you would like to limit the number of answers.
OBSERVE! If you use the question type Participants the number of participants will be counted instead of the number of answers. If you use the question type Participants you can register several participants at once, hence the number answers is not important but the number of participants.
If the number of answers exceed the number chosen there will be a message. By default "Currently fully booked" but it is possible to edit the phrase.

Show information about number of available spaces

If checking this alternative the number of available spots will be shown.
Available spots example
Click the button Edit message in order to change the displayed message.
Change message


et the last date for answering

Here you can set the last date for submitting. When clicking on the arrow there will be a calendar where you can select the date. If you do not select a date it is possible to submit after the course have taken place.

If the last date for submitting has passed there will be a message where the date is fetched from the last date for answering.

Registration has closed
Fill in a customized message by clicking the button "Change message".

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