Table descriptions

Table captions you find beneath the menu alternative Options.

Here you can give the table a caption and describe the content of the table in text since not everyone can interpret information in a table layout.

Table caption

When necessary you can fill out a table caption which concised describes the table. The table caption will be displayed in text above the table.

The template font for the table caption is set centrally. In order to select the template font for the table caption, go to properties for the web site. Here you select Appearance -> Template mapping -> Table caption.

Table summary

Text field for adding a table summary since not everyone can interpret information in table format. What is added here will be written in the HTML code as a conclusion. When additional accessibility support is activated you will be reminded to add a table summary.

Screenshot of Table descriptions
If not filling out any of the alternatives you will get further reminders:
Screenshot of reminder of table caption
Screenshot of reminder for table summary
These reminders are only shown once.
A tip for accessibility! For increased accessibility you can describe the content of the table concise with a table caption. You can also clarify the significance of a table in text.

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