Administration Online

Signup is administered on-line in viewing mode, like the Survey portlet. If you have permission rights to write on the page you can administer Signup.
Online administration


If you have checked the box "Unregister", the participants can click the link remove registration on-line to unregister.

If this box is unchecked you click the link Participants. The participants will be shown in a list. Click the icon to the right in order to see more information about the specific registration.
Show details
Here you find the information the participant has filled out. In the upper right corner there is an icon (a paper with a red cross on it) - it is the remove button. Click this icon in order to remove a registered participant.


Click Participants to see a list with all registered participants.
If their email address is in the system's directory it will be displayed. If you have not chosen to "Only allow authenticated users to sign up" it might be that some registrations have the name anonymous instead of the name of the participant.
If this box is checked and the participant is not logged in, you will have the following message:
Log in

Excel export

The participants can be exported to Excel by clicking the link "Excel export".
Excel export
The results is saved in "Participants.xls"
Permission rights! In order to administer the Singup you need the permission Write on the page.

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