Beneath Settings you decide if you want to display title, description, and what font they should have. It is also possible to display a link to unsubscribe.
Screenshot of the tab Settings

Show title

Check the box if you want to show the title and select font.

Show description

Here you choose if you are going to show a description for the pages with subscription, if so, select font.

Title and description is added to respective page beneath Properties ->General->Subscription

Show unsubscribe link

If clicking the link Modify subscriptions you will reach a page where you fill in your email address in order to see your current subscriptions.
Skärmdump på förändra/avbeställ prenumeration
If you have subscriptions they will appear. Check the boxes for subscriptions you want to cancel.
Skärmdump på vad man prenumererar på
Then click the button Unsubscribe and the updated subscription list will appear.
Skärmdump på uppdaterade prenumerationer
Observe! The portlet will only remove subscriptions shown in the current subscription portlet. If for instance you inactivate subscription on a page it will also disappear from the subscription portlet. Hence it will not be possible to unsubscribe to that subscription.

Tip! If you want a new page to modify subscriptions you can use a linked layout on the new page. Do the following:

1. Create a new page where you add a linked portlet pointing at the subscription portlet.

2. Go back to the original. Check the box Show unsubscribe link. Publish.

3. Go to the new page with the linked portlet. Publish. Go online.

4. Right click on Modify subscription. Select copy shortcut.

5. Go back to the original. Uncheck the box Show unsubscribe link.

6. Create a new link. Make an external link and paste the short cut. Remove everything before the new page name:

/avprenumerera.4.32d1b0d410e74efa757800039.html?state= viewUnsubscribe&sv.url=12.1b3cca0010971c286d280006553

7. Publish! Done!

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