Screenshot of the tab Settings


Show number of levels

Here you select the desired number of levels for the webmap, default is three.

Also show pages hidden in menus

Check this box if the webmap should include pages that are hidden in menus.

Show folders

If the webmap should include folders you check this box. The folders will not be linked.

Here you set the distance around links. The above is the default settings.


These settings adjusts the spacing upwards and downwards around the link.

To the right/To the left

Here you adjust the spacing to the right and to the left of the link. In general it is only the left adjusting that is of importance.


Indentation for vertical lines

This settings adjusts the size of the indentation before the vertical lines. 3 em by default.

If for instance decreasing this to 1 em there will be a significant decrease in spacing before the vertical line.

Length of horizontal lines

Sets the length of the horizontal line.

Here you decide how the link should be displayed upwards/downwards in relation to the line level.


Select the color of the lines. By default the color is picked from Web site properties->Appearance->Color mapping->Borders in form. It is possible to select optional color in the drop down menu.

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