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Poll description

Here you type a description that will be added to the code. Default text is "Poll description".

Delayed voting (in seconds)

This alternative is a protection against mass voting from one user. For the given interval the visitor is not able to vote. Default is five seconds, minimum is one second.

Visitors must accept cookies to vote

By default the web poll is using session cookies which enables the possibility for the visitor to vote again when opening another browser. If wishing to avoid multiple voting from the same visitor you check this alternative, persistent cookies will then be used. The web poll will then acknowledge if a visitor has voted regardless if he has opened a new browser. If checking this alternative and the visitor has already voted. the alternatives for the question will not be displayed as links, hence it is not possible to vote again.

Show a link to an archive with old questions

If you want to give the user the opportunity to see the results of old webpolls. Leave the old question and make a new with the plus button.

When you are online and click Show old polls you will see the results from old polls in a new window.

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ide result before voting

If checking this option the result from the voting will not appear until the visitor has voted.

Advanced settings

Use a custom template when rendering

Here you can change the appearance of the web poll through scripting. Should only be used if you are confident with scripting languages.

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