Selected maps

Here you choose the available maps. Currently Google or Bing. In order for the Googlemaps to function you need to register a key on the website. When clicking on a map in the list it will be placed in "Valda kartor".

Valda kartor

The selected maps will be available as alternatives in the viewing mode. The one highlighted with a green dot is the type of map the map will open with. There after the other selected maps will be displayed as links in the image.

A tip! Do not select too many alternatives if it is a small map.

Map size

There are three available map sizes:
  • Small - 300x250
  • Middle - 640x480
  • Large - 800x600

Sätt ut kartnål

Klicka på knappen Sätt ut kartnål och markera sedan en punkt i kartan för att få en kartnål.
A tip! The map needle will be shown when clicking in the map, first you zoom/go to the desired location befor you click the button Sätt ut kartnål.

Ta bort kartnål

Remove the existing map needle by clicking the button Ta bort kartnål.


Here you can decide if you would like to show more settings in the map. None of the alternatives will be shown in the editing mode.


will show a scale in the bottom left corner.

Panoramic tools???

Will show navigation and zoom devices to the left in the map.

Share map

If you click the link Dela/spara denna karta bottom middle on the map a field with a link to the map will open. Easiest to highlight the entire link is when located in the field and choosing CTRL+A (select all) and then CTRL+C (copy).  
It is possible to have two Google Maps-maps on the same page and one Bing map.
OBSERVE! The Map portlet functions like an external portlet, hence, it can not use all of SiteVisions built in functions. For instance:
  • Exclamation mark (for edited webpage) is not shown if you only edit the map portlet.
  • Systemvalues (last published, last updated, last updated by and so on) is not stored if only editing the map portlet.
  • Everything made will directly saved on the server
  • The language for the Map portlet is directed by the language setting on the page.

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