Settings for User registration


Here you select the user name to use and where the created users should be stored in the directory.

User email address as user name

Check this box if the email address should be used as user name. In that case the email address should be mandatory.

Use Java Script to create user names

Here you can use Java Script in order to create a user. You can use the available attributes. E.g. you can type the following to generate a user name with the first 3 letters in the surname and lastname.

givenName.substring(0,3) +sn.substring(0,3)


Here you decide where the newly registered users should be located in the directory. Click browse and select a folder or container.


Beneath this heading you decide on how the password for the login should be generated.

Generate password

If you choose this alternative the password is automatically generated. There will be a randomized password of 6 chars (a-x, 0-9).

Allow administrator to set password

If you select this alternative the administrator will set a password for the user.

Allow the user to set password

If you select this alternative the user himself gets to choose the desired password. There will be two additional fields in the registration form. A field for the password and on to repeat the password.
User will set password


Beneath administrators are the persons who have the rights to add certain fields (see setting to add a new attribute beneath the tab input fields).

In order to add an administrator, click the plus sign. A new window will open where you can select the administrator. You can either search or browse to the user/group or selecting them from active users.

screenshot of how to add an administrator

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