Use workflow

OBSERVE! If you do not create a custom workflow the following will be performed:
1) The user registers
2) The user will receive an email where he/she needs to confirm interest to register
3) The user will be registered
Beneath this tab you can create a workflow for the registration process.
Screenshot of create workflow

To add a step

Click the plus sign to add a step. There are three available options: email validation, review, and create user.
Screenshot of adding step in a workflow

Email validation

This step sends a mail to the user who has applied to register containing a link to confirm the email address.


The owner receives a link to the form with the user who has applied to register. The reviewer can adjust and possibly add administrative fields.
Permission rights! If a person is to review the registration, the user needs to be an administrator.

Create user

Automatic step which creates the user (similar to the publishing step in the publishing flow).
OBSERVE! A flow must always have a start step, in this scenario it is New user. The start step is created by default when setting up a new workflow. It is not possible to remove this step.

Settings for each step

The steps can contain different tabs with settings. E.g. has only three tabs while Review has four tabs. The settings on the tabs are the same but with different default texts, sometimes an alternative is dimmed when it cannot be used on the current step.


Beneath the tab General you give the current step a name and if desired a description.
Screenshot of the tab general


Here you give the flow a name. It is mandatory.


Here you can add a description of the flow.

The name on the step is shown in the history log over completed flows with a description of what has been done on each specific step(written by the owner when completing a step). The description given beneath the tab General will be sent to the owner of a step when he/she has a task to perform.

The message box is found furthest down in the side list.

Screenshot of messages


Screenshot of the tab settings

Decline action

Here you decide the action in the case of a decline. The available options are:
  • Abort


    Will abort the publishing flow, already made changes in earlier steps will stay.
  • Continue -

    Will continue the process in the publishing flow regardless of the decline.
  • Restart -

    Will restart the flow, already made changes on the page will stay.

There is also a possibility to set the maximum time for a specific step and the action if the time limit is exceeded.

Action timeout (hours)

The maximum allowed time for a step to be attended to. If time is set to 0 the publishing flow will always wait for the current step to be attended to by either the owner or a person having the permission rights to attend to it.

Action on timeout

If the action timeout is set the action on timeout needs to be set. The available options are:Continue, Restart, Abort.

Mandatory comment

If this box is checked a comment is necessary for the action performed on the current step. It is checked by default.


The box is checked by default. That means the owner needs to perform an action. If the revising or reviewing step should not be interactive, i.e. be run without an owner performing an action you uncheck the box.

Send owner notifications via email

This box is checked by default. If an email should not be sent to the owner of the current step uncheck this box.


Here you add the recipients that are to be notified when a new user is created. Beneath email settings you add a Subject and message for the notification.
Screenshot of the tab notification


Beneath the tab message you decide on the appearance for the email with registration information to the user.
Screenshot of the tab message
OBSERVE! If the action for decline on the first step is restart the consequence will be that the reviser will receive a message that he has a task to perform.


Beneath subject you add the subject for the mail. The default text depends on which workflow step is currently highlighted.


The default message differ depending on which step is currently highlighted. This is the message in the email, and can be edited if desired.

Link in message

Browse to the page where the registration information is necessary for logging in.



Add the user or the group who are the owners of the workflow. It is the person or group that has a task to perform on the specific step.
Screenshot of the tab owners

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