Screenshot of Booking example
The booking portlet is used when you want users to be able to book different resources like cars or conference rooms via the web page. You can combine the booking with a form where the user adds information that can be useful together with the booking. E.g. that you add why you are lending the corporate Jaguar or the conference room. It could also be information like when you pick up the car you want it to be fully fueled or that you want coffee to the conference room.
OBSERVE! You must login to SiteVision in order make a booking.
If you select a resource, like Large conference room, a window will open where you can see the settings (Resource, Category, Location) for the resource:
Screenshot of resource
If you select a booking (you set different colors for your own bookings and other persons´ bookings) you can find the details about that booking:
Screenshot of Booking details
To book a resource, browse to the correct date, select resource and click on the desired time. A new window will open where the user can set duration time and give a description of the booking. If there is a form connected to the booking it is possible to handle more information.
Screenshot of form for Booking
OBSERVE! This portlet demands that Java script is activated.
A tip for increased accessibility! You should not make the web site depend on Java script

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