Custom views

Custom views are used to control the content and appearance for different selected groups of users of the website (user profiles) or if a page has a certain metadata value or if a page is in a certain language.

In this way, one page can show different content and appearance, depending on the view that appears on a given area of the page.

This means that, for example, you can show specific news for those who log in and belong to a particular department or that you can choose to display different news controled with the help of metadata.

It also means that the same page template can be used for both English pages and pages in other languages. When a page for example is in French, the specific parts are replaced by a French view.

Custom views are always created on a layout, it is the layout who decides which part of the page that will have a custom view.

OBSERVE! You cannot create custom views from layouts containing content areas or template areas.

Create custom view

To create a custom view, right click on a layout and choose "Create custom view." A new window will open, where you enter the name of the view, and state what type of view you want to create.

Create custom view

View name

The name of the view. This will be displayed in the list of custom views.


Under type you choose the criteria for determining which view to be displayed. What decides which view you will see as a visitor can be anything from which metadata value is set on a page, which language the page is on, to how you have logged in, if you belong to a special folder in the directory, etc.

  • User profile- how you have logged in. It may be that you belong to a special folder in the directory, that you have certain attributes in the directory, that you come from a particular IP area, browse with a mobile device etc. To make this work you first have to create a user profile on the web site.
  • User selectable — if the visitor should be able to decide for himself whether he wants to see this view or not.
  • Javascript — if you want to check something by java script to display a certain view.

If you create a custom view on a page template, you can use two more categories.

  • Metadata — if you want to use a metadata value on the page to control which view to be displayed.
  • Language — the page language decides which view to be displayed. This way you can steer template elements to be in different languages.

On the underlying pages you can see examples of each type.

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