Select color

Choose color

Here you can choose a color by clicking with the mouse in the square on the left until you find the color of your preference. The selected color can be previewed in the Preview field. You find the RGB-value (Red-Green-Blue)for the color on the right. When you are satisfied, click OK.

Another way of selecting a color is to enter the HSB-value. The abbreviation HSB stands for Hue, Saturation and Brightness. This is a standard color scheme to choose a color from. The value for the hue sets the tint, the saturation sets the intensity and the brightness sets the brightness of the color.


Here you can enter the RGB-value to define your color. To get a bright red color you set red to 255, green to 0 and blue to 0. To get a white color you set all values to 255.

Another way is to enter the HTML hex-code. In HTML you use hex-numbers (base 16) to define colors. The numbers 0-9 and the letters A-F are used. The color codes are defined with a six digit number. The first two are used for the amount of red, the next pair for the amount of green the last pair for the amount of blue.

Websecure colors

Use any of the following colors in "Web-safe colors" if you want to be certain that the colors will display properly on a display with 256 colors. Choose a color and click OK.


With the picker you can get a color sample from an image and save the color you want to use. To get a sample you simply click the picker icon. A window will open and display everything enlarged wherever the mouse is situated. If you move you mouse over the icon Hide sidebar you can choose the greyish color by clicking once with the left mouse button and after that clicking the OK button.


This function requires the "Use custom colors" permission.

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