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HTML extraction is a function that exports a SiteVision web site to static HTML pages. More information about this function is available under "Related information" in the left column on this page.

This tab contains configuration about how the selected portlet should be treated during an export. The default behaviour is to include the portlet in the export but if the Do not render checkbox is checked the portlet won't be included. All dynamic portlets, were the visitor interacts with a portlet, should not be included in an export. The reason for this is that since the result of the export is static HTML pages, interactive functions won't work.

If the Do not render checkbox has been checked, three different possibilities are available:

  • Default (System message): The portlet will be replaced by the message configured at the main HTML extraction configuration dialog.
  • Empty: The portlet won't be rendered at all.
  • User defined: The portlet will be replaced by the message entered in the text field below.
Exclude options

This tab will only be visible if the HTML extraction function is available in the license.

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