Settings on a portlet

This tab is only visible if a portlet is selected.

Size and position

X/Y position

Shows the location of the portlet in X and Y position.


Shows the width and height of the portlet. Default is not configured. A box for adding distance is activated when choosing unit in the list px/em/percent.



Overflow is a control of how the content should react when there is something that will not fit inside the frames of the portlet. There are four alternatives:

  • Visible- If it is an overflow the content will be shown anyway, i.e. It will write outside the portlet.
  • Auto- If there is an overflow, a scrollbar will be added in the portlet so the user can scroll vertically or horizontally to see the content.
  • Scroll- Irrespective of an overflow there will always be an scrollbar in the portlet.
  • Hidden — If there is an overflow the content will not be displayed outside the portlet.
OBSERVE! If working dynamically, you must set a height on the portlet if you want a scrollbar. If not setting a height there will be no scrollbar.


Displays the address of the portlet.


Select language

Here you can change the language that the portlet should use. This configuration overrides the selected language on the web site or the page. If the language is changed this part in the generated HTML code will be tagged with the correct language. This information can be used by text to speech applications or by search engines indexing content.

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