Decoration settings

To go to Decorations settings you first click the icon Appearance to the left in the window.
Decoration settings


Background color

Here you set if the portlet should have a background color. The colors shown are the ones set on the web site as web site colors.

Use background image

Check this box if the portlet should have a background image. Then choose picture by clicking on browse. It is also possible to decide on Position and Repeat for the background image.


The image that should be used as background.


The following alternatives are available for placing the background image.

  • Top — Left (default selection)
  • Top — Center
  • Top — Right
  • Center — Left
  • Center — Center
  • Center — Right
  • Bottom — Left
  • Bottom — Center
  • Bottom — Right


The following alternatives are available for repeating the background image. The default is horizontal and vertical.

  • Horizontal and vertical (default selection)
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • No repeat



Here you can choose if a portlet will float to the left or right of another portlet. For example If you want text on the side of an image you choose float right or float left.

The image has to be placed above the text that it will float around in the Content. Hence, it is the top portlet that float.


With the alternative Style you can use your own style sheet (CSS).

CSS class name

CSS class name enables for associating a CSS class name with a portlet. You can use this functionality if you need to use a different css than what is linked in on the website ( Additional HEAD elements or Insert custom css). The linked in class names must be defined on the website (Site properties - > Appearance -> css class name). If there are none set up on the website this alternative will not be available.

If you would like to associate a portlet with a certain css class name, you click the button Choose. A new window will open with the available css class names already set up on the website.

Choose css class name
Highlight the css to use. If you would like to select several at a time, hold down CTRL.

Remove css-class name

In order to remove a CSS class name, highlight the class name in the list and click CTRL. The highlighting of the class name will be removed.

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