This is where you administrates the subscribers.

Administrera prenumeranter

Add subscriber

In order to add a subscriber, click the plus sign. A new window will open where you can add an email address.

Lägg till ny prenumerant

Remove subscriber

Highlight the subscriber you would like to remove and click the minus sign.

Skärmdump på ta bort prenumerant

If you want to remove more then one subscriber, hold CTRL and highlight from the list.

Import new subscribers from text file

Here you can choose to import a text file containing a list with email addresses for subscribers for the current subscription. The list must be a text file for instance (tex NotePad, WordPad) and can only contain one email address per row. Browse to the file.

Export subscribers

You can save the subscribers as a text file.

Sort subscribers

It is possible to sort subscribers by domain or name, both ascending and descending. A new window will be opened with settings.

Sortera prenumeranter

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