The survey is used to make different investigations among the visitors of the web site. The survey can either be closed, which means that only certain persons are allowed to answer the questions, or it can be public, i.e. open for anyone. If a survey is closed the participants have to log in to be able to answer.

In the survey you can have open questions (textfields), single selections, multiple selections, dates and gradefields. You can set up messages, invitations and notifications. There is a tool for statistics of incoming answers, in numbers and in percent. You can also examine answers closer by making selections.

Construction of the survey is fully made in SiteVision's editing mode, while the administration of participants and the analyses of answers are made in view mode. An administrator with the rights to edit the page will see a toolbar on top of the survey. The toolbar is used to switch between the different functionalities of the survey that are available on-line.

OBSERVE! All users who can edit the page containing the survey will also be able to see all the answers. Make sure this web page has the correct security settings.
Screenshot of Survey example

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