Designate different language to parts of a page

In order for reading tools to be able to change language and the search engines to find information in a certain language it is important to designate language.

Designate language to a selection of a text

To designate language for words in the text portlet you select Options -> language -> Designate language.
Screenshot on Designate language
Here you select language. A new window will open where you select language.
Screenshot of window Select language
If wanting to check if there is a designated language to a certain word, you highlight the word and select Options -> Language.

If a language is selected, it will be displayed on top with dimmed text.

Screenshot of Change language
It is possible to change language by selecting the menu option Change language. A new window will open where you select a new language.
Screenshot of Select language
It is also possible to remove a designated language through the menu option Remove language.

If selecting the language Swedish, English, Danish or Norwegian you will have spelling in selected language.

Designate language to a portlet

You can designate language for all text in a portlet. Right click the portlet in the content area and then select Properties. The tab Settings -> Select language.
Screenshot of how to select language on a portlet
A tip for accessibility! In order to increase accessibility you can indicate if a page or a part of the page is in a different language.

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