In the tab Toolbar is it possible to configure a toolbar that will be shown above the selected portlet or layout. A visitor can then choose to minimize or maximize the content.

Show toolbar

A toolbar will be shown above the selected portlet or layout if this checkbox is checked. The toolbar will show the name of the portlet next to the icons used to minimize or maximize.

Show toolbar



Select which font that should be used in by the name of the portlet in the toolbar.

Another font

Use background image

Use an image as a background of the toolbar.

Hint! Om If you prefer a background color instead of a background image, use Style for this purpose.

Use window states

This checkbox should be checked if a visitor should have the possibility to minimize and maximize the content. Maximize is only available on portlets.


Configuration of the icons that is used when changing the state of the portlet or layout.


Icons for toolbars at a layout

Icons for toolbar at a portlet

Icons for toolbar at a portlet

Standard icons:
Normal (Restore)

Normal (Restore)

Normal (Restore) show the toolbar, the portlet and all other portlets on the page.
When the minimized state is active the portlet content is hidden:
When the maximized state is used all other content on the page are hidden.

SiteVision will remember view selections performed by visitors. If a visitor leaves the web site and returns at a later time, the page will look the same as the last time.


Show minimized

This checkbox should be checked if the editor wants the toolbar to be minimized the first time a visitor visits the page.

This configuration option is only applicable if Use window states is activated.


Custom CSS style attributes used by the toolbar. Background colors of a toolbar can be configured here.

Portlets or layouts using window states located in a layout using the Column mode must have a width configured. If not the toolbar will use when entire space and push other content to the right and down.

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