User registration

With the portlet User registration users can register themselves in order to receive login information to a webpage/website that requires login.
Step 1 user information
In the first step the visitor fill in information and clicks on the Continue button. There will be a confirmation where the visitor can check filled in information.
Step confirm information


In order to edit the user information the visitor clicks the edit button. Already filled in information stays in the fields and the visitor can edit desired texts.


If the visitor clicks the cancel button he/she will go back to the first step with empty fields.
If the information is correct, click the button Create user. Step three will be shown with a message that the registration is received and will be managed.
Step 3 sent information
An email will be sent to the given email address. Default text in the message:

Click the link below in order to verify emailaddress:

When clicking the link there will be a confirmation:

Email verification
OBSERVE! This is only an example. If you use review steps as well there are additional steps required before a new user with login information is created.
Permission rights! This portlet requires a license for Self service where the portlets user profile, user registration, change password and generate password is included.

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