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Add resource

Add resource



Name the resource. The name should be unique, it is not enough to write Volvo if the company buys more Volvos.


Enter a description if desired optional). For example, it is a good idea to state how many seats there are in a conference room. This is displayed when you click the resource name when you browse the resources in on-line mode. This will bring up a window with a description (even an image if you have selected it).

Show an image with the resource

Here you can pair an image with the resource. E.g. it is a good idea to show how the different conference rooms look.


Here you will see the categories you filled in under Add Category, it assumes you did that first. Therefore, it is a good idea to start by creating categories and locations before adding resources.


Here you will see the locations you filled in under Add location, it assumes you did that first.


Send notifications to the following addresses

Here you can choose to send notifications by e-mail to those affected by the booking. For example, if reception is dealing with bookings of conference rooms, then an e-mail should be sent to reception. Click the Add address link to add new e-mail addresses.

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