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The image vault handles high-resolution images and automatically scales them to a number of predefined sizes that you set up in the module. Visitors can search and browse for images that appear as thumbnails. It is possible to view a high-resolution version of the image, and you can download the images in the desired size (in zip files).

Skärmdump på Bildbank exempel

Image vault - showing everything

The search box only looks for the image name, title, or description.

If you click on a thumbnail, more information about the image and the option to display the image in a certain size (Original image or Web -friendly image) appears.


If the visitor clicks on Download image, the image appears in the size described.

If the visitor wants to download the image, they select Add to cart. Then they can select more images which they add to the basket. When they are done, they click the Download x images (x KB) link that appears if the visitor has added something to the basket.

Download 2 images (98.6 kB)

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