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Displays the address of the selected page.

Previous addresses

Previous addresses appear only if you ticked Activate previous addresses on pages under Website Settings -> Addresses.

Here you add previous addresses to activate redirection of old addresses. This means that you can make a 301-redirect to the new page and thus carry over the search engines’ ranking points from the old address to the new address.

Previous addresses

Add address

Fill in a previous address by typing it in the white text field. Then click on the check box to announce that you are finished. If the old page had the address <www.adress.se/index.html> then add /index.html as address. If the old page had the address <www.adress.se/om-oss/sida.html> then add /om-oss/sida.html as address. You therefore take everything after the domain address itself.

Delete address

Select an address from the list and click the X on the right to delete an address.

Remove address

Short name

Here you to enter a short name for a webpage. This is useful if you have selected a URL style that contains a short name. If you do not enter a short name and use a URL style with a short name, that number will be enumerated.

Shortname english

If you do not specify a name yourself, the system suggests a short ID number for you

The short name must be unique. You cannot give a page a short name that is already in use, unless the page is marked with another language.

Where you make URL style settings, you can choose to tick a box to display the short name as a selection in the publishing dialogue.

The Addresses panel can be found on the items:

  • Properties for a page
  • Properties for a group page
  • Properties for a structural page
  • Properties for a server

The page published: 2020-05-15

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