Panels Networks proxies

Under this tab, you can set up rules for how SiteVision should access external resources, such as for example Link checks or RSS. To add a rule, click the Add proxy configuration link.

Network proxies

The proxy settings only apply to outbound traffic from the SiteVision server. This is for example:

  • Calls that SiteVision makes to retrieve RSS feeds.
  • Calls that link checks makes to test external links.
  • Calls that the Proxy module makes to the underlying system.
  • Calls SiteVision makes to upload statistic files to Vizzit
  • Calls made to retrieve external files via VFS.

Thus, the settings do not affect how clients/browsers retrieve resources.

The Network proxies panel can be found on the items:

  • Properties for a server

The page published: 2019-03-25

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