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Panel Anonymise users

Here you can anonymise users on the entire server at once. Otherwise, this function is performed per website.


Anonymise user (slow operation)

Here you can search for users (both SAML users "simple user" and directory users) that you want to anonymise.

GDPR Every person has the right to contact a company or authority that processes personal data and request that any data referring to him or her is deleted.

We anonymise or remove structured data, not unstructured. Find out more at help.sitevision.se/anonymise

Fönster med information

Once you have obtained the user you want to anonymise, right click on them and select "Anonymise". A new window opens with the text:

This operation takes a long time, please be patient! The entire database is searched, not just the directory service.

This function requires you to have "Manage users" permission

You will not access the setting if the site is located in SiteVision Cloud.

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