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The Directory Services Panel

SiteVision uses directory services to authenticate users and their rights in the system. One or more directories can be set up on the server item as these can then be used on each website. The directory service must conform to the LDAP standard.

When you open this panel, you will see the directory services you added to your website.

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Multiple directory services on the same server

You can have multiple directory services on a single server. If a user is added to more than one of the directory services, the first user item that matches the username will be used to authenticate the login. The search is done from above in the directory services. This means that directory services need to be in a certain order for users who are in multiple directory services to log in. Move a directory service in the list by dragging and dropping it to the correct location.

SiteVision Portal or SiteVision Enterprise is required to add several different directories, known as Multiple directories.

Add directory service

To add a directory service that is on the server item, click the Add directory service link.

Delete directory service

To delete an existing directory service, select the current directory service in the list, and then click the cross on the right.

A new window opens asking if you are looking to delete the directory service:

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If you delete the directory service, the users’ names will be printed (for example, by Page manager). The information remains, but you cannot reload new information from the directory.

If a directory service is deleted from the server item that is on the website, the directory service disappears from the website.

Inactive directory service

You can disable a directory service on the server item. It is then not possible for the users to log in. The directory service can be disabled if you have a problem with the directory service connection or if you for some reason want to prevent users from logging in at a particular time.

An inactive directory appears with a strikethrough in the list of directory services.

This function requires you to have "Manage directory service settings" permission.

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