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Add a directory service

After you click on Add directory service, the following view is displayed:

add directory service



Here you can see the directory services that are listed on the server item in a list. Select the directory that you want to use on the website.

Connection test

Here you can make a connection test. It verifies that the password, username, and IP address are correct. Click the Run connection test button. The result is displayed under the selected directory.

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If the connection test fails, the search base test will also fail.

Search base

Search base

Here you can set search base, which requires the user to be present in this part of the directory service in order to log in.

What is written after the input field (in this example dc=sitevision, dc=se) is the setting made on the server item that the entire directory service connection is set to. If you want this setting, leave the input field empty. For it to start from the Customers folder, type ou=customers in the input field.

If you are unsure of where your searches/logins should start from, you can always go to the Users panel and browse the directory structure. Hover the mouse cursor over the folder that is of interest to see the path there.


Beginning from Sitevision 5, you can choose to only allow the reading of directory service users. A so-called "read only" setting. This means that you cannot change or add people to the directory under the Users panel.

Search base test

Here you can test whether you have filled in the search base correctly. Click the Run search base test button. The result is displayed under the search base.

Search base failed

Search base failed, it was only customers in the field - not ou = customers

Search base succeeded

Search base succeeded



Here you can restart the services that detect changes. Selects if you have lost contact with directory services.

This function requires you to have "Manage directory service settings" permission.

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