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The Google Web Analytics Panel

Here you can make settings for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. You can access the website settings from all pages in the structure, assuming that you have the appropriate permission.

Google Webbanalys

Google Analytics

Under Google Analytics settings, you can easily add your Tracking ID from your Google Analytics account. You need to have an account with Google Analytics to use this function.

Tick Use Google Analytics to see an additional setting.

Tracking ID

Enter your Tracking ID from your Google analytics account.

Anonymise IP

Tick this box to use the Google analytics function "anonymiselp" so that website owners can request that all users' IP addresses are anonymised in Analytics. Learn more about IP anonymisation in Analytics External link, opens in new window.

GDPR Enable this to allow you to comply with privacy policies and the authorities ' recommendations regarding the protection of personal data that do not allow the storage of full IP addresses.

Google Tag Manager

You can easily add your ID under the settings for Google Tag Manager. It is the Holder’s ID in the format (GTM-XXXXX)

Tick Use Google Analytics Managerto see an additional setting.

Holder’s ID (GTM-XXXXX)

Enter your ID from your Google Tag Manager account.

This function requires you to have "Manage website settings" permission

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