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The Virtual groups Panel

Here you can add virtual groups. This is useful:

  • If you have developed your own JAAS module where you want to match the login to anything other than LDAP (e.g. a database).
  • If you have made a SAML connection
  • If you use CAS as the login method, all users who log in with this method will belong to a virtual group called CAS. (The identification name must be CAS for the virtual group).
Virtuella grupper
Lägg till virtuell grupp

This requires you to use the log in module Virtual groups (read more about this on the login configuration page).


Select the virtual group from the list and click the minus button on the right.


To change something on the virtual group, click on the change icon to the right or double-click the name in the list.

Virtual groups is an additional function that is included in Portal and Enterprise.

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