Right click on a web page

If you right click on an object in th navigator tree you will get a shortcut menu with several options. You will see different alternatives depending on the role you have. Here are some of the most common alternatives:


Used to copy and past objects.

Create version

Used for saving current version of the object.

Revert to version

Used for reverting to a previous version of the object.


Refreshes the content from the server. Use refresh to be able to see the changes made by other administrators.

Here you are able to start a link control for external/internal links and underlying pages. It is possible to check links in the editing mode or on a published version of the page. It's also possible to use the shortcut Shift + Publish.

Edit page template

Edit the template that the page is base on.

Requires the permission "Show page templates".


Unpublishes the object so that you will not be able to see the object in view mode. Unpublished objects are marked with a red cross in the bottom right corner in the navigator tree.

Direct publish

Publish a page without going through the publishing flow.

Requires the permission "Direct publish".

Change template

Replace template for current web page.

Requires the permission "Change template".


Underlying web pages can be sorted as:

  • Manually
  • Alphabeticall
  • Created date (first/last)
  • Metadata

By default the pages are sorted alphabetically rising. Optional sorting can be used through the manual alternative and there after holding down shift and dragging the pages to their place.

No sorting

If you would like to decide your self on the order of pages in the navigator you choose the option No sorting. Save. Then you hold down shift and drag the pages to the desired location.

Metadata sort

If you would like to sort a branch/archive after a certain metadata you need to activate this on the webpage/archive. Choose Page Properties -> General -> Settings -> Metadata.

Sorting of for instance archives with many articles can be time consuming and will put load on the server. Metadata sorting is also heavy on the server.

sort by metadata

Choose the appropriate metadata definition in the list and click OK. Then you need to right click on the webpage or archive and select Sorting -> Metadata.

Resorting is only done at:

  • Publishing
  • Creation of a new page or article
  • Change of sorting to a different metadata definition
  • Selecting the option reverse order.

If you change a metadata value will not change the sorting before one of the above is performed.


If you like a sorting in the reversed order you choose the Metadata (reversed order).

Hide in menus

Hides the object for the menu portlets.


Deletes current object. Deleted objects ends up in the trash can.

Requires the permission "Delete".

Change name

Changes the name of an object. To save your changes you have to click Enter.


Here you can create a new object (web page/link/web site/folder/archive/structural object) instead of clicking on the icon in the toolbar.

Creating new web pages requires the permission "Create web page".
Creating new link pages requires the permission "Create link".
Creating new archives requires the permission "Create archive".
Creating new folders requires the permission "Create folder".
Creating new structure objects requires the permission "Create structural node".


Displays properties for the current object.

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