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YouTube - Settings

With the YouTube module you can easily view movie clips from Youtube on your website. You do not have to handle complicated embedding code but can add a link directly to the clip in the module. You can also insert a YouTube clip into a news module as an alternative or complement to image.

Youtube inställningar


Under the Video setting, paste a link to your Youtube clip. Information can be found at Youtube’s website External link, opens in new window..

If you do not have direct access to the clip's link, you can click on the Search on YouTube button. This will open a new tab in your browser with YouTube, where you can search for the clip. Copy the link to the clip you want to show. Go back to SiteVision and paste the link.

Länk för Youtubeklipp

Media player

You can make several different settings for your media player, including customising the size, enabling full screen mode, and starting playback automatically.

Customise player size

You may need to adjust the size of the media player to fit the other content on the page. To display the width and height settings, tick the Customize player size box. The default setting is 560x315.

Custom player size

Show video details

Tick this box to show video details, what the movie clip is called, and a link to watch the clip on in display mode.



Show full-screen mode button

Check this box if there should be an icon to switch to full-screen mode.



Allow display of similar videos

Tick this box to see suggestions of similar videos after the video clip ends.

exempelbild visning av liknande filmer

Suggestions for similar videos

Auto play video

Tick this box if you want the video clip to start playing automatically.


Show in editor

If you tick Show in editor, the YouTube controls are also displayed in the editor.

"Show in edit mode" is checked

"Show in edit mode" is not checked

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