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Insert symbol

Insert special characters can be found under the Insert icon in the tool bar.

To insert a special character, select the place where you want to insert it, and then click the icon Insert -> select Special characters in the toolbar.

insert symbol

The following characters are available:

  • Hard space - A hard space is used to prevent a line break in the middle of a text, for example, an abbreviation ("e g") or within a number ("10 000"). If the entire abbreviation or number does not fit on one line, the entire abbreviation/number is moved down to a new line.
  • Hard hyphen - The hard hyphen is used to prevent a line break in the middle of the word, so the word should NOT be hyphenated.
  • Soft hyphen - The soft hyphen is invisible when the word does not wrap, but is replaced by a visible hyphen as soon as hyphenation takes place.
  • Copyright (©)
  • Degrees (°)
  • Double arrow left («)
  • Double arrow right (»)
  • Percent (‰)
  • Euro (€)
  • Registered trademark (®)
  • Trademark (™)
  • En dash (–)
  • Em dash (—)
  • Superscript one (¹)
  • Superscript two (²)
  • Superscript three (³)
  • Uppercase letter Pi (Π)
  • Lowercase Pi (π)
  • Less than or equal to (≤)
  • Greater than or equal to (≥)

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