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Insert metadata

Insert metadata can be found under the Insert icon in the tool bar.

It is possible to insert the metadata fields that are set up on the website and have the option "Field may be inserted into modules (e.g. Text)" ticked. For example, if there is a metadata on the website that tells you who is responsible for the page, you can choose to print it in a text module.

Example: Print Contact: and then select Insert -> Metadata -> Contact:

Insert metadata

If there is already a value inscribed in the metadata, it appears in the text module:

metadata - page

If you hover the mouse cursor over an inserted metadata value, it will appear in grey background colour to indicate that the value is retrieved from the metadata.

If you have not yet filled in a value for the metadata, the text "No value specified" is displayed. This changes for example when publishing, if you specify this value.

metadata - no value

The page published:

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