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Insert quote

Insert citations can be found under the Insert icon in the tool bar. Here you can specify in the code that a paragraph of text is a shorter quote or a block quote.

Short quote

To mark a text as a quote, select the word or paragraph you want, and select this option. The quote is displayed in quotation marks:

Company AB has established itself in Sweden

Block quote

Block quote can be used to quote a longer piece of text.

Select the text and select the Insert -> Quote -> Block quote icon.

Block quote is indicated by quotation marks and have an indent from the left margin, which gives good readability.

Nunc vel enim nisi. Etiam molestie mi vitae scelerisque finibus. Donec lobortis felis sed volutpat ultricies. Pellentesque mattis porta ante a accumsan. Cras tempus nulla sed nisl condimentum iaculis. Sed ligula augue, lobortis ac pharetra semper, vulputate id quam.

Remove quote

To end the block quote, select the row and again click on Insert -> Quote -> Block quote and untick the selection indicating that it is a block quote.

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