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Tell a friend - General


Tip concerns

Current page

The page that the visitor is on.

Another page

Here you can designate a different page and you do this by browsing to it.

Presentation of tip form

Show instantly on the page

Select this option if you want the user to access the form at once, without clicking a link.

Show form

Show icon link to tip form

Select this option to designate an image that serves as an image link to the form.  The Alt text in the image is what is under Description under Show as link. (The default description is "Tell a friend (opens in a new window").

Skärmdump på Tipsa en kompis  ikon

Show text link to tip form

Select this option if you want a regular text link to the form. The default link text is "Tell a friend" and the default description is "Tell a Friend (opens in new window)" but you can fill in your own text if you want. You can also set the style sheet for the link.

Tell a friend link

Tip submitted

Show the message after the tip has been submitted

Here you can fill in a message that will appear after the visitor sends the tip.

Redirect the user to another page after the tip is submitted

Here you can browse to a page where you want to send the visitor after the tip is submitted.

The page published:

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