Secure cookie login

Automated sign on enables the user himself if he would like to save the login. This function is based on a secure cookie containing a generated password.

Automated sign on

Enable "Save session" by default

If you decide to save the login you do not need to log in constantly depending on what the timeout is set to.
Observe! The cookie needs to be send encrypted in order to keep it secure. The function requires SSL on the whole website or parts of it. see tutorial (in swedish) Lathund SSL.

Timeout (days)

Decide how long time period a login is valid for. For instance if you have been on vacation for 7 days you will need to log in again upon returning to work since you have been inactive for 7 days.

Advanced access settings

No restrictions

If the Automated sign on should be valid for all you check No restrictions. Otherwise you add restrictions below.


If you would like to add criterias for whom automated sign on is valid you choose Restrictions. Click the plus sign to add a criteria.
Settings for the secure cookie module
  • Type: Can be allow or deny. Allow gives permission and deny denies automatic login. Deny is used for exceptions that should not have automatic login.
  • Criteria: Lists the criterias you have created.
  • Flag: Can be Sufficient or Required. If the flag is Sufficient the criteria is sufficient for having automatic login. A flag tagged Required means that the criteria needs to be fulfilled but it is not sufficient. A Required criteria needs to be combined with an additional criteria tagged Sufficient.
Observe! The order in the list is important! If the first criteria is not fulfilled the sign on is interrupted. Sort criterias with the up and down arrow.

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